Houston, we have a blurb

It’s up on the good ship Penguin’s website, like so: Night Beach AUTHOR: KIRSTY EAGAR Imagine there is someone you like so much that just thinking about them leaves you desperate and reckless. You crave them in a way that’s not rational, not right, and you’re becoming somebody you don’t recognise, and certainly don’t respect, but you don’t even care. And this person you

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Raw Blue and Saltwater Vampires are now available electronically on Amazon.com

Yay!!! After all this time, and all this lobbying (thank you blogging community! thank you, Bibliophile Brouhaha) it means that those of you who have a Kindle, and are so minded … Well, you can finally read them! Thanks also to Pam for letting me know! ___________________________________ Update: Sorry guys, looks like I got carried away. I think it’s only available for Australian users

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Night Beach news

Breaking news here people – the publication date for Night Beach has changed from February to May 2012 … Sorry. But I think it’ll be a better book for it, I really do. What’s that? You want me to show you the cover one more time? H’okay.

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Forever Dare

Just wanted to give a big shout out to the students, teachers, librarian staff, parents and community of COONABARABRAN. I’ve just returned from a trip out there as part of the high school’s Feast of Words festival, which featured former student/journo/lawyer Michael Morrissey, script writer Patrick May, academic/literature expert Elizabeth Hale and YA author (and my excellent travel partner)  J.C. Burke. We were

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Further to

Further to my last post, the schedule for this week is now up at Irresistible Reads, so check it out. I’ve realised, just from trying to get my guest posts ready, how much time and effort must have gone into organising, preparing and coordinating this week, so once again my thanks to Irresistible Reads and Bibliophile Brouhaha and everyone taking part for their

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Big week ahead

A BIG thank you to the lovely Nic from Irresistible Reads and the force-of-nature who is Linds from Bibliophile Brouhaha who have organised an appreciation week starting Monday 29th August. Also participating are other wonderful bloggers such as Inkcrush, The Unread Reader, Supernatural Snark and I Swim For Oceans – mega thanks to them also! These guys have all been so supportive of

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News and reviews for Mayjune …

Mayjune being this new, extended month I’ve made up, on account of my not keeping up to date … Firstly news – I panelled at the Reading Matters 2011 conference back in May. It was a fantastic experience, particularly listening to the other authors talk. A huge thank you to the Centre for Youth Literature team, Express Media and the State Library of

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Night Beach – coming February 2012 …

  Hey peoples, here is the cover for Night Beach – isn’t it beautiful? The book will be out in February next year, and I’m currently busy, busy, busy on the edits. More to come on Night Beach, but for now I’m going to make up a genre and call it sea-gothic. It’s about art, the ocean, and the very dark things that feed the creative

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Marching through March (news) …

H’okay, for me this month has been all about the Somerset Celebration of Literature. A massive thank you to all the parents, volunteers, organisers, students and the other authors for making it The. Best. Time. Ever. And special thanks to my student helpers Nathalia and Kumiko! While I was up there, I found out that Saltwater Vampires had been shortlisted for the NSW

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Normal transmission has resumed …

Big apologies to anybody who has been hunting around for this website for the last couple of days. Things are all sorted now and as you can see it’s business as usual! Thanks for your patience!

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Things I have loved so much this week that I need to share them in case they are magic for you too include:  

1. Aurora. Just generally. Full stop necessary. But also Aurora talking about her new book shelf… https://t.co/05bhHmBVld

Me and my friend Em this morning. She was racing down the line to run me over. ⁣

In all seriousness I am glad you were around today to run me over emmalincolnsmith Would be lost without you mate 🖤Glad creative… https://t.co/I19vA471cN

This show killed me. I came to Phoebe Waller Bridge via Season 1 of Killing Eve (🖤) and then Crashing (🖤) but Fleabag finished me off. First ep, I thought it was clever. By the third she’d got me in the guts. The… https://t.co/sjHJ44X6cT

Nick and me and Screen NSW giving us the THUMBS UP, BABY! We just got development funding for rawbluethefilm - We are so happy and can’t believe it really, because with film production presently at a standstill,… https://t.co/giv4sLqBds

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