Raw Blue in the UK

Hey guys (especially those of you who are overseas), I just wanted to let you know that Raw Blue is going to be published in the UK in August, by Catnip Publishing. I’m so happy about this. Hopefully this makes it easier for some of you to get hold of the book. And once again my thanks go out to the blogging community

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Reviews and a favour to ask of you

There’s a lot going on at the moment, and I must be feeling a wee bit stressed, because I’ve had the sudden urge to number things. 1. Two more reviews have come in for Night Beach. Book’d Out: Night Beach is a novel that got under my skin, complex, breathtaking and compelling, I can only insist you experience it for yourself. This is a

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Night Beach is out today!

Remember how I said I was going to blog more about the book? Well, I’m going to cheat instead. Alpha Reader has just posted an interview I did with her, which includes a lot of the paintings mentioned in the story, and she’s done a much better job than I’ll ever do. So if you’d like to read it, please click here (and

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Wordage shout outs!

First, a shout out to Geelong. Yes, the whole city. But in particular – all of the students who attended the panel sessions with Doug MacLeod, Gab Williams and me. And two extra special shout outs for the students from Oberon High – who survived a mouse; and the girls and boys from Mandarma Primary School – who have the brightest eyes I have ever seen.

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Sydney Writers’ Festival

I’ll be there! Speaking! Eruditely! With Margo Lanagan and Lucy Christopher and Hilary Rogers. The session is called Her Dark Materials (sexy title, hey what?), it’s on Sunday the 20th May at the Bangarra Theatre from 11.30am to 12.30pm. For more details, click here. Thus endeth the upcoming events posts. ____________________________________ PS This has a weird life-revisiting-itself feel, because 3 years ago I

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Actually, while I’m going on upcoming events, I should also say that thanks to the wonderful people at Taree Library and the lovely Nicky from Manning Valley Books, I’ll be up in Taree on the 8th of May, to talk about Night Beach. I love that part of the world, and I’ve got a couple of mates lined up to surf Saltwater with me,

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Okay, having sat on the details of Geelong’s Wordage festival for two weeks, it’s finally occurred to me I should share them. Me and Doug Macleod and Gab Williams will be there next week – 18th and 19th of April. The festival is being presented by the Geelong Regional Library and the Centre for Youth Literature. The festival is mainly aimed at students

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An extract from Night Beach

Is now up on Penguin Australia’s site. Chapter one, to be exact. If you feel like having a read, help yourself to it here. And the book is back from the printer. If you want a squiz at it, check out this shot on Penguin’s Between the Lines. Marina Messiha did such a beautiful job on this design. Can’t wait to see the real

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Review of Australian Fiction

It’s new and it’s good. Innovative delivery, all genres, established and emerging writers (and seeking more work – so get in touch with them if you’re interested). For more info, see the Review of Australian Fiction website.    

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Look at these fine looking books

(I have been doing edits for too long. As I typed that header, I thought to myself, “Repetition. Get rid of either ‘look’ or ‘looking’. You can’t have both.”) I’m going to be in Geelong with their owners soon – Gab Williams and Doug MacLeod. We’ll be at Wordage, a festival. This is an UPCOMING EVENTS post in case you’re wondering why I’m

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Can’t process what happened to George Floyd. But I can understand the anger and the helplessness when things seem to just repeat and not change. And I took so much from Christian Cooper’s dignity in response to what… https://t.co/cvdrHwfQOI

During the lockdown our local library took to delivering books in person. They arrived in cool bags that are now going to be my shopping bags (unless they want them back).⁣

It was so nice to have a visitor, but… https://t.co/IYxEkTY9X1

You know how in stories there are magic helpers? In life, I think a magic helper is someone who comes for a walk when you feel yuck, or says yes when you ring up to say you need to go dancing (which isn’t to say… https://t.co/q8aCaGIKT5

Rollers have #skatepalette (swipe for an example by the youngest) so I am doing #bookpalette. Feel free to join in or just leave me hanging. ⁣

I thought I would start with my #1 favourite. ⁣

It is the best story… https://t.co/OscyPlOyyr

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