Sticky, sweet, and short(ish)

I’ve written a short story – well, strictly speaking it’s in the long story form, clocking in at 14,000 words, not that I was counting or anything … It’s called Molasses. And it will be published in the Review of Australian Fiction on the 14th of August, along with a story by Melina Marchetta, which she tells me is called Ferragost, and you can

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And to celebrate

Carly & Ryan hitting the UK, there’s a feature post on Raw Blue over at Book’d Out, along with a Giveaway (thanks to the lovely and hard-working Shelleyrae!), click HERE to get yourself over there … Want more? You can read what my UK publisher has to say about the book HERE …   

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NPR list of top 100 YA books

Get this – I’ve just been informed* that Raw Blue has made the voting list for the NPR’s top 100 teen books.   This means it’s in the top 235, despite never being published in the States, which makes me laugh in a frustrated sort of way. So thank you for nominating the book, you wonderfully supportive people!  If you feel thus inspired,

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Coona Shout Outs!

Thank you Coonabarabran – people, students, professional nodders, parents, and of course the staff of Coonabarabran High School, with an extra special mention to Kellie Nash and Champagne Deb. I didn’t think last year could be topped, but amazingly it was, which was also due to the awesomeness of the other presenters – JC Burke, Patrick May, Julian Larnach, Peter FitzSimons, Dr Mituota

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Looking up

That’s what I’ll be doing over the next couple of nights. I’m returning to Coonabarabran – astronomy capital of Australia -for their annual Feast of Words, along with JC Burke, Patrick May, Peter FitzSimons, Julian Larnach, and Mutuota Kigotho. I’ve checked the moon forecast. Cold nights and a dying moon mean good stars …

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Gratitude, I has it

1. I’ve just seen the full wraparound cover for Raw Blue in the UK (did I mention how much I love that cover???). Right underneath the back blurb, there’s a quote from Carla at The Crooked Shelf. And my UK publisher just told me that it was due to Carla’s review that she became aware of the book in the first place. *** 2.

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News for June 2012

Night Beach made the Inky’s longlist, along with Shift by Em Bailey, Brotherband 1: The Outcasts by John Flanagan, Act of Faith by Kelly Gardiner, Queen of the Night by Leanne Hall, Blood Song by Rhiannon Hart, Sea Hearts by Margo Lanagan, The Coming of the Whirlpool: Ship Kings 1 by Andrew McGahan, The Deep: Here Be Dragons, Volume 1 by Tom Taylor (illustrated by James Brouwer), and The Reluctant Hallelujah by Gabrielle Williams. Congratulations to all those excellent Aussie authors.  I

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Giveaway winners

Ahoy there! A big thank you to all who participated in the Night Beach giveaway. Your tips and advice were hugely appreciated. And now it’s time to announce the winners (and I’m a day late in doing this, so my apologies if you’ve been waiting to find out). The winner of the International giveaway is Katrina P. The winner of the Australian giveaway is

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Night Beach Giveaway, Aussie and International

So! Today’s the 27th, which is our pre-appointed date for a GIVEAWAY. And those of you who’ve been here before and have highly tuned powers of perception will have no doubt noticed that something’s a leeetle bit different. Hopefully you’re thinking, I love what you’ve done with the place. Because, yes, I’ve had a web makeover. You are all so cutting edge with

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Things I have loved so much this week that I need to share them in case they are magic for you too include:  

1. Aurora. Just generally. Full stop necessary. But also Aurora talking about her new book shelf…

Me and my friend Em this morning. She was racing down the line to run me over. ⁣

In all seriousness I am glad you were around today to run me over emmalincolnsmith Would be lost without you mate 🖤Glad creative…

This show killed me. I came to Phoebe Waller Bridge via Season 1 of Killing Eve (🖤) and then Crashing (🖤) but Fleabag finished me off. First ep, I thought it was clever. By the third she’d got me in the guts. The…

Nick and me and Screen NSW giving us the THUMBS UP, BABY! We just got development funding for rawbluethefilm - We are so happy and can’t believe it really, because with film production presently at a standstill,…

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