Sydney Morning Herald YA round up

View this post on Instagram #loveOzYA peeps – if you haven't already seen it, @frantatkinson has done a great round up of the year ahead in this weekend's Spectrum and Age. It says Oz YA has a 'first class reputation' so that made me proud. Then I got scared because @willkostakis looks so bad ass. Then I got happy because they used a

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Booktopia podcast with Justine Larbalestier

As promised, here’s the podcast that Justine Larbalestier and I did with the fantastic Sarah McDuling of Booktopia. I really enjoyed doing this – it was my first-time-ever podcast! Loved listening to Justine talk about her research and influences. Didn’t even mind talking about my own book – that’s a win! Hope you enjoy it. Afterwards we went and toured the Booktopia warehouse because we

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Summer Skin officially cast forth into the world

Yes, I know, I feel like it’s been around for ages too. But it came out yesterday, on the 27th of January, and of course I have to say the date because 27 is my lucky number. My best friend, as best friends do, went straight down to her local bookshop and harassed them (which they didn’t mind because she also buys lots

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White Horses – she has stories edition

This is what White Horses has to say about this issue: [themify_quote] We’re stoked to present this very special issue of White Horses, completely dedicated to, and created by, female surfers. We believe this is the best publication about women’s surfing ever put together. [/themify_quote] I agree. And not just because I’m in it. What I love is that it features women and

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book extras

Some thoughts (mine and others) on sex in teen literature

Jo Stapley runs the UK blog Once Upon A Bookcase and is holding a month dedicated to examining the topic of sex in teen literature. There’s some fabulous reading here, people – reviews, interviews and opinions. Space has also been given to the topic of sex crimes, and I was interviewed by Jo because she has read and reviewed  RAW BLUE, which not only deals with the aftermath of sexual

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Upcoming RADIO event

I had to shout the RADIO bit, because I really like RADIO. Remains to be seen whether RADIO really likes me – in fact, you can be the judge. I’m talking THE Alex Tighe at 7AM, this Wednesday morning (that’s the 14th of October) on SURG FM as part of their marathon charity broadcast. We will probably discuss eyebrows – chiefly his, soon to be

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What I’ve been up to lately

Three things! 1. We just finished the proofread of SUMMER SKIN. I say ‘we’ because, of course, it’s not just me doing it – that would be dreadful; so many msistakes would slip through unnoticed. I should feel a bit emotional about it being done, because it’s one step closer to waving bye-bye to the characters, and saying, ‘Hello, world, list for me the

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Off to Coona, I am …

… and apparently it means I must talk like Yoda. Coona is short for Coonabarabran. This is my third straight year at their Feast of Words festival. No doubt someone else deserves a turn next year. I love the Coona community (including, of course, all the students and professional nodders and other repeat presenters) and they have been very kind and generous to

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WA premier’s book awards

Night Beach has been shortlisted for the Young Adult category!  Congrats to all the other shortlisted authors.  Hard to come back online after a three month absence – I feel like a student slinking into class late. And arriving on a self hyping post, too –  bad form, really. More to come (posts, not self hyping).     

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Newington Literary Festival

Big shout out to the organisers of the Newington Literary Festival. Thanks for including me this year – it was a privilege to be there. Especial thanks to Ann Jagger, Sabine Tanase, Wendy Hardy and Sebastian! And, as ever, thanks to the students for listening, creating, and bringing good energy … and I must give a standalone shout out to the grade sevens

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