Dark and seductive, Night Beach will leave you breathless. A thrilling and suspenseful combination of the real and the supernatural, this is not a novel to read alone at night! Kirsty Eagar paints a detailed picture of the claustrophobic surfing town, full of complex and intriguing characters. Highly imaginative and lushly described, it’s an enthralling world that will captivate readers just as it possesses Abbie. Eagar’s novel takes ideas with a usually positive portrayal, such as the ocean, art and love, and subverts them, capturing their darker underside and the dangers of obsession. This is a great book for older young-adult readers. Fans of Eagar’s Raw Blue—which won the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for young adult fiction—will love her latest supernatural thriller. Australian Bookseller + Publisher

… the characters, the powerful ocean setting, the descriptions of surfing, the exposure of a particular masculinity, the  exploration of the creative impulse, and Abbie’s journey from uncertainty to acceptance, produce some fine writing  indeed. Australian Book Review

 This beautifully written young adult novel combines realism with a dark underside that isn’t being done in other young adult fiction. It reminds me of Stephen King’s writing in the way that the story works its way into your gut and then, when you least expect it, twists the knife and takes you somewhere else entirely. ABC Radio Canberra

Eagar will have you second guessing everything you’ve ever thought about love, loss, imagination and hope. Tasman Anderson, Gold Coast Bulletin

‘Night Beach’ is the quintessential young adult horror story – the mysterious shadows will keep you up at night, but it’s the teenage protagonist’s personal struggles that will keep you suctioned to the page, as desperate to find out about her doomed love story as the island mystery. This is, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated new Australian young adult novels of 2012, and Kirsty Eagar’s new tale absolutely earns and deserves all the hype and anticipation. Alpha Reader

 Night Beach is a novel that got under my skin, complex, breathtaking and compelling, I can only insist you experience it for yourself. This is a story that stays with you, haunts you and despite its young adult label deserves an adult audience. Just as with Raw Blue, Night Beach has found a place amongst my favourite reads. Book’d Out

Night Beach is a book to take your time with and savour, to take in every word. And then when you’re finished, it’s tempting to go through and read it again, just in case there’s something there that you missed. It’s one of those books that stays with you after you’ve finished it. 1 girl … 2 many books

Eagar’s style is both raw and bru­tal, show­ing no mercy.  Her char­ac­ters, so real, tan­gi­ble and lov­ingly cre­ated, are stripped bare for her audi­ence.  Noth­ing is hid­den or glossed over.  No emo­tion is with­held and no real­ity is too stark to express. Cuddlebuggery

 It’s hard to talk about a lot of what happens in Night Beach because I think everyone will interpret this book in different ways … Night Beach is a beautiful, chilling read featuring a very realistic and admirable protagonist with a thrilling paranormal twist. I found myself connecting with so many aspects and descriptions in this book … Vegan YA Nerds

 There is something so stark and raw about her writing style that makes it utterly believable. I have no hesitations when it comes to understanding and believing her characters. Abbie and Kane are stripped down to their barest forms, exposing their inner truths to the reader, but allowing for a sort of gray area to shine through the black and white. It’s incredibly powerful and powerfully real. i swim for oceans

 I’ve read everything she’s written so far, and this is by far my most favourite read. Spellbound by Books 

1. Read at night 
2. Read at night while it’s raining 
3. Read at night while it’s raining and you’re home alone 
4. Let yourself go. Trin in the Wind