Melbourne launch (with Justine Larbalestier and Ellie Marney)

View this post on Instagram Love this pic! The irrepressible Ellie Marney launching me and the bloody awesomeness that is @justinelarbalestier in Melbourne last night. Thanks heaps to all who attended (and thanks to those who couldn't but sent lovely messages of support) including Amie who I have regrammed this from (didn't have any pics taken so am "borrowing" evidence today! regram @amiekaufmanauthor

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Tradies campaign # 1

View this post on Instagram THE book for tradies this Valentine's Day. @allenandunwin #summerskin #loveOzYA #bookstagram #aussieauthor #aussieauthors #aussieya #newadult #youngadult #tradiechallenge #tradielit #tradiebookclub #strayamate #straya A post shared by Kirsty Eagar (@kirstyeagar) on Feb 7, 2016 at 8:32pm PST

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Sydney Launch with Justine Larbalestier

View this post on Instagram Shared my first ever book launch last night with this awesome woman @justinelarbalestier and @kinokuniya_sydney and @allenandunwin . Photo credit to Megan Maurice. #summerskin #loveozya #mysisterrosa A post shared by Kirsty Eagar (@kirstyeagar) on Feb 5, 2016 at 12:31am PST

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Sydney Morning Herald YA round up

View this post on Instagram #loveOzYA peeps – if you haven't already seen it, @frantatkinson has done a great round up of the year ahead in this weekend's Spectrum and Age. It says Oz YA has a 'first class reputation' so that made me proud. Then I got scared because @willkostakis looks so bad ass. Then I got happy because they used a

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book extras

Summer Skin playlist

It’ll give you nearly 3 hours of auditory pleazzzure. But – plot twist! – it’s not 100% correct. The real playlist is the chapter list. Every chapter is a song title (and the artist is mentioned somewhere in the corresponding chapter – except Ch.23, Everything is Embarrassing, because Sky Ferreira, the artist, is mentioned at the end of Ch.22 instead). So what’s different? Spotify wouldn’t

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Booktopia podcast with Justine Larbalestier

As promised, here’s the podcast that Justine Larbalestier and I did with the fantastic Sarah McDuling of Booktopia. I really enjoyed doing this – it was my first-time-ever podcast! Loved listening to Justine talk about her research and influences. Didn’t even mind talking about my own book – that’s a win! Hope you enjoy it. Afterwards we went and toured the Booktopia warehouse because we

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Summer Skin officially cast forth into the world

Yes, I know, I feel like it’s been around for ages too. But it came out yesterday, on the 27th of January, and of course I have to say the date because 27 is my lucky number. My best friend, as best friends do, went straight down to her local bookshop and harassed them (which they didn’t mind because she also buys lots

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Upcoming Events February 2016

Hey! You! Rock steady crew. Show us what you do, make a break, make a … Oh, sorry. That’s called “Lyrics Tourette’s”. I have it. Probably not even a rare condition. So, anyway, because you are a super important person to me – that is, MY READER – I’m inviting you to three things – all of them connected to the launch of

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White Horses – she has stories edition

This is what White Horses has to say about this issue: [themify_quote] We’re stoked to present this very special issue of White Horses, completely dedicated to, and created by, female surfers. We believe this is the best publication about women’s surfing ever put together. [/themify_quote] I agree. And not just because I’m in it. What I love is that it features women and

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Can’t process what happened to George Floyd. But I can understand the anger and the helplessness when things seem to just repeat and not change. And I took so much from Christian Cooper’s dignity in response to what…

During the lockdown our local library took to delivering books in person. They arrived in cool bags that are now going to be my shopping bags (unless they want them back).⁣

It was so nice to have a visitor, but…

You know how in stories there are magic helpers? In life, I think a magic helper is someone who comes for a walk when you feel yuck, or says yes when you ring up to say you need to go dancing (which isn’t to say…

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