James Lee Burke and process…

Some writing just gets me and this man’s writing… just… yeah… I have no words. I’m talking about his Billy Bob Holland novels set in Montana, not the Dave Robicheaux novels set in New Orleans (I don’t know why – everybody else seems to rave about these). I could describe these books as Western/Crime… but that’s sort of like saying that The Old

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Happy making…

There’s these lovely Eastern rollers around at the moment, 2 – 3 foot, peaking all over the place. It’s just been so much fun…

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Writing stand up comedy – the process (3)…

The last part of Oliver Phommavanh’s insights on stand up comedy… He teaches, he writes, he makes us laugh..and he’s got this thing for carebears – I forgot to ask him about that… Do you practice your delivery in front of the mirror/friends/your cat/dog? I don’t rehearse it like a performance, though I do like to write out every joke and cram every

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Writing stand up comedy – the process (2)…

More from Oliver Phommavanh on how he writes stand up comedy routines, so lean forward and smile… How does writing for stand up differ from writing comedy in fiction? When you’re writing just for laughs, all that matters is the set up and the punch-line. Whether the set up is a sentence or a paragraph, you’re leading up to a laugh. Writing comedy

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Writing stand up comedy – the process (1)…

Look!! I bring you Oliver Phommavanh, aka Winfree. I met Oliver a little while back thanks to the CBCA (NSW). There was lucky dust floating around that day because we’ve both ended up signing 2 books with Penguin. As promised, here are Oliver’s thoughts on writing stand-up, with parts 2 & 3 to be posted in the next few days, (most magical given

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End of month round up….

I like that heading. Makes me feel all officious. Like I am running a corporation. Or a rodeo. Quick bits: – I’m way excited about escaping to Melbourne this week to talk about Raw Blue at Penguin’s New and Emerging Authors session (with Gabrielle Williams, Kirsten Murphy and Gabrielle Stroud); – although I have been escaping anyway by doing way too much surfing

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Making a music video – the process…

When I first talked to Natasha Pincus, it was because I’d seen her amazing clip for Pete Murray’s song, Chance to Say Goodbye, (thanks Amy!). The clip is just so moving, and contains Peter Fenton – what more do you need to know? Natasha is high energy – writing, directing and producing. For her full bio, click here. What it can’t convey though,

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